S1:E17 - How Will You Be


Chellen heads home with Bree after school and discovers a city neighborhood she's never been to. Chellen is unprepared for what she finds and the potential dangers lurking around every corner. Which begs the question, how can Bree and her mom live like this?

Distinct Poplar is a twice monthly young adult (YA) short story series of dark fantasy and storybook horror, written and narrated by Matt Herzberg. Distinct Poplar takes place in a sprawling city, where the supernatural and fantastic things are common place. This vast metropolis looks and feels like a fairy tale kingdom come to life and thrust unceremoniously into the modern era. Here, people practically live on top of one another, covered in the grime and hardships of everyday city living, and always keeping an eye out for the dark and sinister things awaiting just around the corner. Here you will find six legged rat creatures, neighborhood swallowing storms, and cats who stalk children...hungry for their laughter.


Little Drunk, Quiet Floats - Puddle of Infinity


Smile Quiet Looking Up - Puddle of Infinity


Boat Floating - Puddle of Infinity


Leoforos Alexandras - Dan Bodan


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