Matt Herzberg

Author, Illustrator, and Voice of Distinct Poplar

Distinct Poplar is created entirely by Matt Herzberg who started the project as a way to challenge himself to produce regular quality content in a single cohesive setting. Matt writes the stories, records himself reading them, and draws all the art.

Matt Herzberg is a graduate of the Columbia College Chicago Fiction Writing Program, and was an accomplished finger-painter in high school. He writes fiction, poetry, and D&D adventures for an otherwise undiscovered mystery group of less discriminating taste.  Matt started drawing from a very young age, and since then has always kept a ballpoint pen in his pocket for the margins of take-out menus, paper napkins, and restaurant butcher paper.

Matt loves books, short stories, comics, hockey, fairy tales, and Ethiopian food. He endeavors to learn at least one hundred ways to tie a necktie (currently he knows 1). Matt lives in Chicago with his wife and (adopted) cat.

Photo Credit: Carasco Photography, Debi Lilly, A Perfect Event